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Just Thought You Should Know


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Nailed This one.

"No Name"


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Gypsy House Girl


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Working on this song; I’ve struggling with it as you can tell. No Pick and the voice doesn’t sound too great; but dammit here is what I’m working on.

A Sound Coming from the Universe 


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Anonymous asked: Why do you do what you do?


I do lots of things; name something specifically and I’ll attempt to answer 

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All I can think about right now is getting back into the studio; June needs to come faster!!!

List of Songs on the Album:

- No Name

-My Simplicity

- Demo Cross


-Devils Due

-Crestmoor Drive


-A Sound Coming From the Universe 

-Gypsy House Girl 

-Just Thought you Should Know 

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My name’s Emily and I’m here.
My music, my rules.
When we wrote our album I had just returned from Egypt.
I fear passivity.
I miss childhood.

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I want to marry you

I want to marry you

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